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Bridget Davis
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Robin Zletz (Manus)
Pediatric Occupational Therapist Married
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Julie Goldberg (Rubin)
Married 4
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Debbie Nielsen (Vance)
Married 2
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Fred Jaicks
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Steel Married 4
Well, even though my degree from Northwestern is in History, I ended up in steel manufacturing back in the early 80's and it seems to have stuck.  I live in Flossmoor (of all places) and I've been married to Paula for 25 years.  We have four daughters who have all attended HF.  As a matter of fact, they have all sung in the Viking Choir, which continues its tradition of European tours to this day.
I tinker around a bit with a '69 Pontiac GTO that Dave Ohlhausen found for me out in Scottdale years ago. I sing in a couple community choruses. I still try to see Jackson Browne whenever he's in town.  And I enjoy following the Blackhawks and open wheel and sportscar racing with my girls.
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Nancy Whitting (Faber)
Claims Manager Married
I live in Chicago and have worked in the insurance industry my entire career.  I have a wonderful husband; 3 step daughters; 1 granddaughter and many nieces and nephews.  It is great to read everyone's comments and see the old and new photos.  We were fortunate to grow up in such a great area and attend H-F.  Sad to read about our classmates "gone too soon". Stay well everyone and continue to enjoy life! 
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Paul Jarrell
Accountant Married 3
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Dan Lawler
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Profile picture
Attorney btlaw.com Married 3
Its occurred to me why I wasn't invited to many parties back then.
Now I'm invited to all of my family's parties!
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Lorene D'Orazio
Married 1
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Patty Ludvigson (Oeste)
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Music Teacher www.rdimusic.com Married 2
I'm so sorry that I can't make it to the reunion.  I have such wonderful memories of HF and all that it gave me.  After performing professionally for so long, strangely, I find myself now teaching in the middle school music classroom in Arkansas.  It is amazing.  I am reminded daily how much our teachers in Homewood-Flossmoor gave us and what it cost them!!! Greetings to all!
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